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Open to the Public – October 14th

Shooting, Stick Handling & Elite Edges + Stride   

With Mike Hoffman

Date/Time- Monday Oct 14th - 9am-1030am

Cost- $40

Ages- Advanced Mites, Squirts, PeeWee’s, Bantam’s, Midgets

Focus- Speed, Stride, Edges, Balance, Wrist Shots, Slap Shots, One Timers, Tipping, Toe Drags, Stick Handling & More

Design- Having developed thousands of youth players over the past 5 years, I’ve seen too many hours spent standing around getting lectured and or waiting for the next drill.  My high tempo always moving curriculum covers every player’s skating needs from correcting his/her stride to Elite balance and Edgework.  Focusing on speed with the puck into proper shooting and stick handling techniques. 



Pre-Register Online at www.bostonjuniorterriers.com

Call or Email Player Development Director Mike Hoffman